SALA Connect

The Dilemma
Industry associations, like yours, that have a uniquely defined industry and a carefully crafted annual budget are often faced with a specific dilemma; provide a sustained and high-level U.S. government relations and lobbying resource for its member companies and swallow a budget-busting monthly retainer or… don’t seriously engage in government relations because the cost is simply too high.
No small association should be faced with that decision.
A key component and deliverable of all industry associations, from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to the Surfboard Manufacturers, is the ability to convey a public policy message with a harmonized voice, be able to affect change in the legislative and regulatory arenas, and directly engage Members of Congress and regulatory decision makers on policy items of concern to their member companies.
But establishing a bricks and mortar Washington office or engaging a government relations, lobbying and public affairs firm can be an expensive and cost-prohibitive endeavor for any small industry association.

SALA has Solved this Dilemma
Through SALA, small industry associations can now provide a substantive, bipartisan government relations resource to its member companies for a very reasonable and budget-friendly line item.

We call it SALA Connect
SALA has established a partnership with a respected, bipartisan Washington, DC-based lobbying firm that has been active in government relations and public affairs for over twenty years.  
The firm uniquely works with small to medium size industry associations to help their message and voice be heard above other coalitions.  To get their association executives and member companies face to face with Washington decision makers.  To identify federal regulations that help or harm association members and implement a strategy to affect change.
The firm provides small associations with a positive, sustained, strong, working and interactive relationship with the U.S. federal government.
And it is all done through your membership with SALA Connect. 

SALA Connect 
SALA Connect is an ‘Opt-In’ premium service that will allow SALA members to have an effective and affordable government relations (Congress and U.S. regulatory agencies) program for their own association and their member companies. 
It will provide an affordable, cost-effective U.S. government relations program for SALA member organizations who want to establish a steady, substantive, and professional presence in official Washington, DC.
It is a ‘shared’ premium service which is why SALA can provide it for a reasonable and cost-efficient budget to those small associations that want to help their member companies engage Congress and the regulatory agencies.

SALA Connect Details & Deliverables  
SALA Connect will allow participating members to have a front-line, high-level, bipartisan government affairs resource, to lobby on specific legislative and regulatory issues and to advise on current policy and political developments.

A government relations effort for SALA Connect members would include:

  • advising on current legislative and regulatory issues, policy, and political developments affecting the association’s issues and matters;
  • identifying, providing introductions to, and organizing substantive meetings with congressional, federal agency, and regulatory decision makers;
  • developing a sustained and interactive professional relationship with Washington decision-makers.

A SALA Connect government relations effort would cover these 3 main areas:

  1. U.S. Administration; The White House, executive departments, and regulatory agencies;
  2. U.S. Congress; congressional committees that oversee your association’s-related issues;
  3. Embassy (foreign government) Relations; assisting with foreign markets and regulatory structures.

SALA Connect Deliverables
SALA Connect will help your association and member companies navigate official Washington.

  • SALA Connect will keep your c-level executives and the members of your Board of Directors fully informed, in real-time, on U.S. legislative, regulatory and political matters that directly impact your association; and explain and suggest actions on how to manage an issue affecting the association.
  • SALA Connect will help in getting elected leaders and key regulatory officials to visit your association’s headquarters – or perhaps take part in a site visit; meet with your association executives so that they become acutely aware of your association’s products, technologies, science and/or services that could dovetail with U.S. government sales and programs.
  • SALA Connect will assist your association with congressional relations and regulatory affairs; developing a closer, more substantive relationship with your congressional delegation including House, Senate, and Governor offices, who represent your association, in Washington, DC, provide a more interactive working relationship with the regulatory agencies that cover your industry, directly lobby on specific legislative and regulatory issues, and advise on current policy and political developments;
  • If your association has identified a federal regulation or a law that negatively (or positively) impacts your business; or a federal process, requirement, outdated or redundant specification, or a tax or trade policy that hinders your organization’s and member companies ability to grow, then SALA Connect can help your association work with the correct decision makers in Washington to discuss, re-examine, and reform that government hurdle to the betterment of your member companies.
  • SALA Connect will help implement a strategy to develop positive brand equity for your association solely aimed at the U.S. government, and a more substantive and professional collaboration with the numerous federal institutions in Washington that have a direct link - policy, regulation, contracts / sales, oversight, funding - with your association’s business plan.

What does it cost to join SALA Connect? 
SALA Connect is an "opt-in" premium service offering highly discounted fees based on your annual revenue:

  •  Annual Revenue of $1.5M or less will have a monthly fee of $2,500
  • Annual Revenue of $1.5 - $2.0M will have a monthly fee of $3,000
  • Annual Revenue of $2.0M – $4.0M will have a monthly fee of $3,500
  • Annual Revenue over $4.0M will have a monthly fee of $5,000

If you want to talk with our colleagues with SALA Connect, then let’s schedule a time to talk at: