Project Summaries

Projects Utilizing SALA Staff Support
One of the most exciting benefits of your membership is the operational support hours that are included for your use each year. The number of hours depends on your membership level (Level I - two hours, Level II - four hours, Level III - six hours). These hours can be utilized by you or your staff.  Some members use this resource as an extra hand during a crunch while others use it for special projects. If you need additional assistance you can work with any of our partners at our negotiated, reduced member rates. 

Here are some recent examples of projects the SALA staff has worked on:

Organization:  Jevaia

Project Description:  Accounting and Finance Manual

The organization needed an update to their accounting and finance manual that had not been updated in some years.  The project included interviews with key staff and a review of existing policies and procedures and then application of best practices.  The staff were located in several offices so the focus was on controls given the remote model.  The final product ensured GAAP-based financials, controls and procedures that were at or surpassed audit standards and board and management approval.

Organization:  IOSTIA

Project Description:  Start-Up 501(c)(6) Organization

The organization was formed after industry research and demand for a 501(c)(6) organization that compliments several 501(c)(3) organizations that exist and support the ocean technology industry.  SALA provided expertise with forming the organization, established bylaws, negotiated with vendors, established a website and provided the incubator space needed for the organization to form and grow.  As the organization developed, SALA also provided expertise with event setup, promotion and management.  SALA also used the SALA Connect program to provide lobbying services for IOSTIA and their membership.  SALA continues to provide guidance on everts, member communications, member benefits and proper governance.

Organization:  Foreign Exchange Professionals Association

Project Description:  Finance & Accounting Expertise

FXPA was a newer association and needed guidance for the staff and board of directors on capturing  and reporting of financial information.  FXPA also used SALA staff expertise to guide their board on making more informed decisions on their annual event and selecting the vendor to manage that event.  SALA staff also provided guidance on proper governance to the board.  Lastly, SALA staff worked closely with their lobbyists to ensure the correct portion of dues were reported to membership as a non-deductible business expense.

Organization:  Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE)

Project Description:  Start-Up 501(c)(3) Organization

MATE is an established educational organization operating various STEM and robotics programs and is primarily grant funded and operated with support from a local community college.  The leadership needed to “spin-off” a non-profit to benefit from broader funding opportunities.  SALA  provided guidance on incorporation, governance structure, and conducted a thorough examination of comparable organizations to provide a road map for starting this new organization.

Organization:  Naylor Association Solutions
Project Description:  Systems Integration

In response to demand from its customers, Naylor engage SALA staff to assist in evaluating the need for back-end financial systems integration with their association management software solution.  Staff conducted a comprehensive survey of their customers to determine the types of accounting software being used, methods of accounting, and association specific requirements that would come into play.  Naylor continued to engage staff through the development and testing phases of their integration build with the Quickbooks platform.

Organization:  Marine Technology Society

Project Description:  Financial Reporting Redesign

The requirements were to improve the organizations financial reporting for senior staff and the board of directors.  The project deliverables included a management letter, financial dashboard, budget-to-actual comparisons, statement of activities, statement of financial position and cash flow statements.  The monthly and quarterly reports were also adapted to include Chapter data and various ad hoc needs as requested.  The financial package included graphs and other visual aids, detailed narrative and financial results in a summary and detail format.

Organization:  Project Tumara

Project Description:  Start-Up 501(c)(3) Organization

The organization was started by a Sierra Leone native who came to the US following the civil wars there.  The purpose of the organization is to provide educational scholarships and community services to neighborhoods and residents in Sierra Leone.  Funds raised were used to send students to university and also improve the communities with activities such as refuse cleanup and digging wells.  We provided expertise and guidance with the formation, IRS form 1023 filing, 990 preparation and joined the board.

Organization:  NUCA

Project Description:  Web site and AMS Migration

NUCA was preparing for over budget and off-schedule migration from a custom developed association management, e-commerce, and website platform.  SALA staff was engaged to develop a project plan, develop custom code to convert membership data, and shepherd the project to completion.  Extensive data manipulation was required, as well as the coaching of staff on how to embrace new system functionality and let go of old, outdated processes.